Best shoes for sciatica 2023

You’re in search of comfortable shoes that ease your sciatica and offer long-term support? We have your back!

Our comprehensive buying guide will help you find the best shoes for sciatica in 2023. Take the guesswork out of shopping and make sure that the shoes you choose are soothing to your feet and provide optimal pain relief.

Best shoes for sciatica 2023

  1. Wonesion Running Shoes (Editor’s Pick)
  2. HKR Walking Shoes (Best Overall)
  3. Gravity Defyer Shoes (Budget Friendly)
  4. SDolphin Running Shoes
  5. Vionic Leisure Shoes
  6. HOKA ONE Shoes
  7. JSLEAP Running Shoes

1. Wonesion Running Shoes

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Wonesion running shoes. These jogging sneakers are sturdy. We’ll compare.

1. Rubber Sole Grip

Wonesion Running Shoes’ rubber sole grips all surfaces. These shoes are stable on roads, trails, and dangerous terrain.

2. Compact

Wonesion Running Shoes’ 13.43 x 9.29 x 5.16-inch packaging fits and feels great. Lightweight and comfortable. Lightweight running shoes.

3. Lightweight but Durable

The 2.01-pound Wonesion Running Shoes alleviate foot strain. This design allows fatigue-free long-distance jogging. Durable lightweight trainers.

4. Great Cushioning

Runners want cushioned shoes. Wonesion Shoes. Running or jogging is comfortable with cushioning technology. Painless performance.

Wonesion Shoes boost running. Traction, support, and lightweight construction allow steady pace and new limits. These shoes improve running.

Wonesion Running Shoes are for serious runners who want style, comfort, and performance. Rubber soles ease pain. Support and cushioning make every run comfortable. Wonesion Running Shoes enhance performance.

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  1. Rubber sole provides excellent grip and stability for the feet.
  2. Comes in a package with dimensions suitable  
  3. Lightweight at 2.01 pounds, making it comfortable for extended use.
  4. Specifically designed for running, which is a great exercise  
  5. Wonesion is a reputable brand known for quality shoes.

Core Feature

Brand Wonesion
specifications Rubber sole
Package Dimensions : 13.43 x 9.29 x 5.16 inches; 2.01 Pounds


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2. HKR Walking Shoes

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HKR Walking Shoes are precision-made. Each pair is carefully built for comfort and fatigue-free walking. With careful stitching and material selection, these imported shoes are built to last.

Elegant Lightweight

The lightweight HKR Walking Shoes weigh 1.08 pounds and measure 9.96 x 9.72 x 3.9 inches. They’re perfect for lengthy walks because they’re lightweight.

Comfort and Durability

Easy Walking

Forget aching feet and legs. HKR Walking Shoes offer maximum walking comfort. These shoes will keep your feet pleased on metropolitan streets or nature walks.

Lasting Quality

HKR Walking Shoes last. Their durable materials can sustain your active lifestyle and time. These sneakers are versatile enough to go on many activities.

Style and Function

Stylish Option

Who says comfort must come before style? HKR Walking Shoes don’t! These stylish sneakers match any outfit. These shoes will elevate your style whether you’re wearing casually or for a formal event.

Best Versatility

Versatility defines HKR Walking Shoes. They are great for many events and activities, making them a go-to for fashion-forward and practical people. These sneakers can handle city errands and park strolls.


HKR Walking Shoes combine comfort, style, and durability. These carefully imported sneakers make walking easy and confident. Wear a stylish, functional walking shoe. Choose HKR Walking Shoes today for unmatched comfort and design.

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  1. Imported to ensure quality construction and materials.
  2. Package dimensions of 9.96 x 9.72 x 3.9 inches  
  3. Lightweight at 1.08 pounds for added comfort.
  4. Suitable for walking, which is a low-impact exercise ideal  
  5. Comes from the trusted brand, HKR.

Core Feature

Brand HKR
specifications Imported
Package Dimensions : 9.96 x 9.72 x 3.9 inches; 1.08 Pounds


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3. Gravity Defyer Shoes

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Gravity Defyer Shoes have comfy EVA soles. Shock-absorbing soles safeguard your feet, ankles, and joints. Gravity Defyer Shoes’ cloud-like cushioning allows you walk, run, or stand for hours without pain.

Lasting Durability

Gravity Defyer Shoes operate well daily. These trainers promote hiking and city walking. Their high-quality construction ensures their longevity.

Ideal Life

Gravity Defyer Shoes are 16 x 7 x 5 inches and 2 pounds—perfect for your feet and lifestyle. Athletes and casual wearers love these trainers. Elegant appearance and snug fit give you confidence.

Always Available Worries

Worried about your fave shoes being discontinued? Gravity Defyer Shoes solve that. Buy these sneakers anytime. Stop accepting second-best. Gravity Defyer Shoes always support and comfort.


Gravity Defyer Shoes are extremely comfortable and durable. Durable structure and EVA sole make every step comfortable. These shoes last. Gravity Defyer Shoes enhance footwear. Happy feet will confidently move towards a better tomorrow.

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  • Versatile design suitable for walking or running
  • Shock-absorbing technology to reduce impact on the sciatic nerve
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Wide toe box for a comfortable fit
  • Available in a variety of colors for style options

Core Feature

Brand Gravity Defyer
specifications Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
Product Dimensions : 16 x 7 x 5 inches; 2 Pounds


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4. SDolphin Running Shoes

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SDolphin Running Shoes include a high-tech rubber sole that grips a variety of surfaces. These shoes give you a solid grip on urban pavements and rugged terrain. Stability from the superior rubber sole technology lets you focus on running goals and pushing your limits.

Ideal Size and Weight

SDolphin Running Shoes are 13.35 x 8.74 x 5.08 inches, balancing style and function. Runners’ feet are unique, therefore the shoes fit snugly to reduce discomfort and distractions.

These lightweight shoes weigh 11.64 ounces. This unique feature makes running easy. Gliding through the air reduces joint impact and injury risk. Even long, hard runs are fun with SDolphin Running Shoes.

Superior Longevity

SDolphin Running Shoes last. Rubber soles protect shoes from daily wear. It protects the shoes from wear and tear, preserving their structure.

No more running shoe replacements. SDolphin Running Shoes provide a trustworthy running partner for miles and hours.

Comfort and Support

Running well shouldn’t compromise comfort. SDolphin Running Shoes provide the perfect blend of performance and support to keep you comfortable during extended runs.

These shoes have advanced cushioning to reduce stress on your feet, ankles, and legs. Thus, you can maintain an appropriate speed without tiredness or discomfort.

Enjoy Ultra-Lightweight Advantage

SDolphin Running Shoes’ ultra-lightweight design revolutionises running for all levels. These lightweight sneakers boost endurance and performance. Every run will give you the freedom to push yourself further.

SDolphin Improves Running

SDolphin Running Shoes are the best in performance, durability, and comfort. These sneakers have unmatched traction, cushioning, and lightweight. SDolphin Running Shoes will improve your run, whether you’re a marathoner or a casual jogger.

SDolphin lets you run with pride and enthusiasm. SDolphin Running Shoes NOW!

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  • Rubber sole for improved traction and safety
  • Breathable material for added comfort
  • Lightweight design for reduced strain on the feet and legs
  • Shock-absorbing technology to reduce impact on the sciatic nerve
  • Stylish design for everyday wear

Core Feature

Brand SDolphin
specifications Rubber sole
Package Dimensions : 13.35 x 8.74 x 5.08 inches; 11.64 Ounces


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5. Vionic Leisure Shoes

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100% leather makes the Vionic Leisure Shoes exceptional. This cloth is lovely and gentle for your feet. These shoes will nurture your feet and keep you going for hours, whether you’re walking in the park or just out. The soft leather conforms to your feet, enhancing comfort.

Durable Synthetic Sole

Synthetic soles distinguish the Vionic Leisure Shoes. The sole’s design adds comfort and durability. The synthetic sole is durable, making the shoes suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. These shoes sustain you on rough ground and last long.

Perfect Fitting Size

The 13 x 9.2 x 5.3-inch Vionic Leisure Shoes weigh 12 ounces. These well-proportioned sneakers fit well and avoid foot pain. The generous size lets your toes wiggle freely. These comfortable sneakers put your feet first.

Non-Discontinued Benefit

Vionic Leisure Shoes are still available, unlike other brands. This ensures that these shoes will always be available. The non-discontinued status makes it easy to buy these great sneakers for yourself or a friend.


Finally, Vionic Leisure Shoes combine comfort, style, and longevity. The synthetic sole and 100% leather structure ensure long-term durability and comfort. These shoes are great for leisure activities because to their size and non-discontinuation. Vionic Leisure Shoes offer unmatched comfort and style!

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  1. 100% leather for comfort and style
  2. Synthetic sole for added durability
  3. Non-discontinued status for easy availability
  4. Suitable for various leisure activities
  5. Lightweight design for easy transportation

Core Feature

Brand Vionic
specifications 100% Leather
specifications Synthetic sole
Product Dimensions : 13 x 9.2 x 5.3 inches; 12 Ounces


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6. HOKA ONE Shoes

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Women runners influence HOKA ONE shoe design. Synthetic and mesh textiles provide a perfect fit and breathable run. Black/white training/leisure sneakers.

Durability and Grip

Long-lasting running shoes have HOKA ONE soles. You can confidently navigate different terrains with these shoes’ rubber soles. These jogging sneakers are durable.

Easy Support

Running without injury requires support and padding. HOKA ONE Running Shoes support feet well. The midsole cushions impact and pulls you forward.

Long-Term Breathing

Running makes feet sweat and pain. HOKA ONE Shoes reduce fear. Mesh uppers ventilate, keeping feet cool and dry. Eliminating distractions improves comfort and performance.

Weight and Size

These 11 x 4 x 7-inch trainers are comfy and small. They weigh 3 pounds and are robust enough to run on many terrains.


Finally, HOKA ONE Women’s Shoes blend performance, comfort, and style. Their design, support, and breathability enhance jogging. Comfortable runners will adore these trainers. Why wait? HOKA ONE Shoes improve running!

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  1. Rubber sole provides excellent traction
  2. Durable for long-lasting use
  3. Comfortable cushioning and support
  4. Breathable design for improved comfort
  5. Designed specifically for women

Core Feature

specifications synthetic-and-mesh
specifications Rubber sole
specifications Hoka One One
Product Dimensions : 11 x 4 x 7 inches; 3 Pounds


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7. JSLEAP Running Shoes

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Running shoes need reliable traction. JSLEAP Running Shoes have a cutting-edge rubber sole that grips well on many surfaces. These shoes will keep you stable on pavement, trails, and even wet surfaces.

Comfortable Size

JSLEAP created these sneakers for your convenience. The JSLEAP Running Shoes’ 11.42 x 6.93 x 4.09-inch packaging is ideal for storing and transport. These lightweight shoes are ideal for athletes on the go.

Light and Strong

These running sneakers by JSLEAP blend durability and weight perfectly. They weigh 1.21 pounds, making running easier on your feet and legs. These lightweight sneakers are durable. The rubber sole guarantees long-lasting running friendship.

Maximum Support and Cushioning

To avoid injuries and perform well, runners need support and cushioning. JSLEAP Running Shoes absorb impact with every stride, safeguarding your feet and joints. The shoes provide ideal arch support for all runners, from beginners to pros.

Endless Comfort

JSLEAP knows long-distance runners require comfortable shoes. These running shoes fit snugly, preventing blisters and discomfort. The lightweight construction keeps your feet fresh and energised during long runs, letting you keep a steady pace.

Take Advantage

JSLEAP Running Shoes are an investment in performance and new heights. These sneakers allow athletes like you to push limitations and achieve greatness.


Finally, JSLEAP Running Shoes combine elegance, comfort, and performance. The lightweight design, rubber sole, and superior cushioning make lengthy runs comfortable. JSLEAP running shoes are outstanding, therefore don’t settle. Unleash your potential and confidently conquer every step!

Start greatness today with JSLEAP Running Shoes! Running will change forever.

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  1. Lightweight design for reduced strain on the feet and legs
  2. Shock-absorbing technology to reduce impact on the sciatic nerve
  3. Breathable material for added comfort
  4. Available in a variety of colors for style options
  5. Durable construction for long-lasting use


Core Feature

specifications Rubber sole
Package Dimensions : 11.42 x 6.93 x 4.09 inches; 1.21 Pounds


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Best shoes for sciatica 2023 -Complete Buying Guide

Finding the best shoes for sciatica can be a daunting task. It often requires a combination of understanding the condition, taking into consideration the activities or walks you will be doing, and selecting a style of shoe that is supportive and comfortable for your specific needs. By selecting the right types of shoes for your suffering sciatica nerve pain, episodes may become less frequent or even vanish entirely.

This guide is designed to arm you with all of the tools, knowledge and confidence needed to make an informed decision on what to look for in comfortable shoes when living with sciatic nerve pain. We will provide an overview on therapeutic footwear while discussing features such as cushioning, correct sizes; different types of styles and more so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair that meets your needs while providing maximum comfort. Being well-informed is the first step towards finding relief— Keep reading to get started!

Definition of sciatica pain

Sciatica is a type of pain that radiates from the nerve roots of the lower back down into the buttocks, legs, and feet. It is caused by compression of one or more sciatic nerve roots, which run from the lower back to the feet. Sciatica can be felt as an intense burning, shooting, or stabbing sensation in any area along the sciatic nerve path and it sometimes is accompanied by muscle weakness in the affected leg.

Often times, sciatica is treated with changes in activity levels and medication. However, another way to help manage pain associated with sciatica is through wearing shoes designed to reduce pressure and provide extra support during vigorous movement or prolonged periods of standing. The right pair of shoes can provide additional stability and cushioning for those dealing with sciatica. To help you find a shoe that works best for your needs, we have gathered a list of some recommended options for men and women that apply different technologies to help relieve your discomfort.

Importance of finding the best shoes for sciatica pain

Sciatica is a form of chronic pain that radiates from the lower back along the path of the sciatic nerve through the buttocks and down each leg. People who suffer from this condition need shoes that offer specialized features to reduce strain and provide comfort throughout the day.

The most important factor when buying shoes for sciatica is selecting ones that offer enough cushioning and support to reduce stress on your back. Cushioned insoles are an ideal option as they absorb shock, distribute weight evenly and support underfoot pressure points. Look for soles with arch support to help minimize pressure on your feet while standing or walking. When possible, opt for shoes with some degree of motion control as they will limit arch collapse and heel movement while maintaining stability through each step you take.

A good pair of footwear should be lightweight yet have enough cushioning to withstand constant strain throughout your day’s activities. It is also important to consider any additional benefits that certain options may provide in terms of breathability or weatherproof design. A combination of materials such as natural leather, breathable mesh fabrics, rubber outsoles for durability and foam cushioned linings can all add up to the perfect pair of shoes for people suffering from sciatica pain or lower back pain in general.

Overview of the buying guide

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the different types of shoes available on the market specifically designed to address issues related to sciatica. We cover everything from cushion and arch support, to additional features like soft cushioning or split-toe design that help reduce pressure.

Additionally, we provide in-depth reviews of some of the top pick selections available in the market right now, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing a pair of shoes to address your sciatica issues.

Moreover, this guide includes various tips on what to look out for when shopping for shoes as well as advice on how to buy them as economically as possible and also ways to best maintain them. Ultimately, with this buying guide you should be able to confidently make a decision when selecting footwear that helps alleviate sciatica pain.

Understanding Sciatica Pain

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Sciatica is an issue that affects the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down to the leg. It can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as pain in the buttock that radiates down to the leg, numbness in your leg or foot, and tingling sensations around your hip and down into your toes. Sciatica pain is caused by a wide range of things including herniated discs, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine), degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis (slipping or misalignment of one vertebra over another), arthritis in the spine, pelvic misalignment or trauma/injury.

To understand how this pain affects shoe selection you first need to understand what type of shoes are best for those suffering from sciatica. Generally speaking shoes that offer arch support and shock absorption are best for people with sciatica who stand or walk for long periods of time. They should provide cushioning to reduce pressure on your lower back while also providing adequate support for your feet and ankles. Shoes should have a non-skid outer sole with plenty of room to adjust size as well as wide toe boxes; extra cushioning around the heel area can be helpful too. To ensure proper fitting it is beneficial to have professional measurements taken before purchasing new safety shoes.

Causes of sciatica pain

Sciatica is a term used to describe the symptoms of leg pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness which comes from irritation of the sciatic nerve. It occurs when pressure is put on the nerve root, located near a collection of bones called the lumbar vertebrae. This pressure can be caused by a number of things including:

  • Herniated disc where pressure has been applied internally to the nerve root
  • Spinal stenosis where there is a narrowing between vertebrae that puts increased pressure on nerve
  • Piriformis syndrome an irritation of the piriformis muscle which can create inflammation that may press on sciatic nerve
  • Pregnancy when there is added weight in the pelvic area that increases the likelihood of pinching or straining nerves in sciatic area.

Spending more time sitting and more time taking part in activities that involve repetitive motion can also cause sciatica. In addition, conditions such as obesity, diabetes and osteoarthritis may increase risk for this type of pain.

Symptoms of sciatica pain

Knowing the symptoms of sciatica pain can help you determine if purchasing shoes that are designed to reduce this type of discomfort is right for you. Common symptoms of sciatica include pain, numbness and/or tingling which radiates along the path of this nerve, commonly in the back of the leg.

The pain intensifies when in a sitting position or when nodding individuals head forward at an angle, as putting additional pressure on the nerve root can aggravate inflammation. Pain may also be present after prolonged periods of standing or activity, and in some cases, reduction in sensation or movement may be experienced.

Traditional treatments for sciatica pain

There are a number of traditional treatments that may be recommended by your doctor in order to reduce sciatica-related pain. Here’s a look at some of the most common approaches, and how they can help.

Heat/ice: Applying either heat or cold to the affected area can help to reduce inflammation and pain. Heat is normally used for chronic pain, while cold is usually employed for acute injuries. It’s important not to overdo it with either method – too much ice or heat can worsen the pain.

Exercise: The correct type of yoga-inspired exercises should be done in order to strengthen the abdomen and back muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture. Short walks are also effective forms of exercise and should be combined with stretches in order to provide relief from sciatica pain both during active times and at rest.

Medication: For short-term relief, an over-the-counter nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen may help reduce swelling and lessen the intensity of the sciatica symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe stronger medication if needed in order to manage more severe cases of sciatica.

Types of Shoes for Sciatica Pain

When it comes to relieving sciatica pain and symptoms, supportive, comfortable shoes are essential. Shoes should provide cushioning, support, and should be the right size. There are many different types of shoes that can be worn for sciatica relief including running shoes, orthopedic walking shoes and slippers.

Running Shoes: Runners looking to reduce their sciatica symptoms may want to use a running shoe with arch support technology like a Brooks Adrenaline or an Asics Nimbus. The arch support technology helps relieve tension on the sciatic nerve while running or exercising. The correct type of shoe can also help reduce fatigue and prevent shin splints caused by pronation (rolling your foot), which can further aggravate the sciatic nerve.

Orthopedic Walking Shoes: Orthopedic walking shoes provide extra ankle and heel support as well as cushioning for shock absorption when walking. Look for features like cushioned soles and rocker bottoms that provide additional arch support— this helps diminish stress on the sciatic nerve during movement, reducing discomfort from standing or walking for long periods of time. A quality pair of leather orthopedic walking shoes will also be durable and won’t wear out easily which is important during a long day at work or when traveling extensively.

Slippers: Slippers are not just a way to keep your feet warm on cold winter nights; they can also provide cushioning and extra arch support which is beneficial in protecting your feet from soreness caused by neuropathy associated with certain conditions including diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS). Look for slippers with soft fabric linings, true-sizing so they don’t feel too tight, temperatures control feature (i-temp technology) so they don’t overheat your feet in warmer temperatures , plus an adjustable fit system so you can adjust them as needed with lacing straps or buckles.

Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes are designed to minimize the risk of injury while participating in a sports or physical activity. They offer more cushioning and support than traditional shoes, making them ideal for people suffering from sciatica. Look for shoes with reinforced heels and toes, as well as motion control features that provide lateral stability and protect against ankle rolls and sprains.

Athletic shoes should also be lightweight and breathable, to keep your feet cool and dry. Consider investing in a pair of orthotics or insoles for added shock absorption and support. Additionally, make sure you buy the right size – not too small or too big – so your feet are comfortable even during prolonged periods of standing or walking.

Walking shoes

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When shopping for walking shoes for sciatica, it’s important to look for shoes that provide shock absorption, arch support, and cushioning in the heel. Choose a shoe that is lightweight and flexible but still offers a reliable fit and stability. Look for shoes with mesh uppers to promote breathability while keeping feet dry.

Orthopedically designed shoes often provide the most benefits and can be an ideal choice if you have heel or arch pain associated with sciatica. Walking sandals may offer more air flow than enclosed types of footwear; however, they might not be as supportive as other options.

When selecting a walking shoe, consider the construction of the sole to ensure it is both comfortable and stable as you walk.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best shoes for sciatica relief. In the end, it’s important to keep in mind that different shoes will work better for different people, so try out a few brands and styles until you find the right one. It’s also worth noting that if your pain is particularly severe or persistent, it may be beneficial to consult a doctor or physical therapist who can give you more specific advice.

Finally, remember that sciatica relief isn’t just about the shoes – make sure that you take breaks throughout the day, stretch regularly, and use proper posture when seated. With these tips along with a quality pair of shoes tailored to your needs, you’ll be able to manage your sciatica and keep it at bay so you can get back to doing what you love.


What relaxes the sciatic nerve?

The sciatic nerve can be relaxed by performing stretches, taking hot baths, and/or using a foam roller. Additionally, medication, such as ibuprofen, muscle relaxants, or a corticosteroid injection, can be used to reduce related pain. Other treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic can also be effective for sciatic nerve pain relief.

How long will sciatica take to heal?

The duration of a sciatica episode can vary greatly, depending on the underlying cause. In some cases, such as a herniated disk or spinal stenosis, sciatica can heal without medical intervention in three to six weeks. Other more serious causes may require surgery or other more invasive treatments. Generally, most cases of sciatica improve within six to eight weeks.

What do you wear for sciatica?

Nothing specific can be worn to treat sciatica. You may want to speak with your doctor or physical therapist to get personalized suggestions of activities that may help to relieve symptoms. This may include specific exercises, stretches, wearing a support belt, or using an elastic band around your ankles or thighs.

Does drinking water help sciatica?

Studies have not shown that drinking water can help alleviate sciatica pain, according to the National Institutes of Health. However, staying hydrated may help with general discomfort, since dehydration can cause additional fatigue, weak muscles, and other issues that may compound pain experienced from sciatica. Additionally, staying hydrated can help retain mobility, as stiff muscles can be exacerbated with dehydration. It is recommended that individuals drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

How can I walk better with sciatica?

  1. Use ice and heat therapy: Use a cold compress for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours followed by a hot compress for 15-20 minutes. 2. Practice Healthy Posture: Proper posture can help reduce sciatica pain. Make sure you are standing and sitting tall with your shoulders pulled back.3. Stretch your Glutes: Sciatica can be caused by tightness in your glutes, so a good stretch can often help alleviate symptoms.4. Take Short Walks: If sciatica pain is inhibiting your ability to walk, taking frequent breaks and walking for 10 minutes at a time can often prove successful.5. Avoid High Impact Exercise: High impact exercises such as running can often aggravate and increase sciatica pain. Instead, focus on low impact activities such as walking, swimming and biking.

What movements should I avoid with sciatica?

Movements that involve excessive stretching or straining of the lower back and legs should be avoided with sciatica. These movements include forward bends, full squats, straight leg raises, and lunges. Additionally, activities such as long-distance running, rigorous stair climbing, and repetitive lifting should also be avoided.

What are the best shoes for standing all day?

The best shoes for standing all day are shoes with good arch and cushion support, such as:• Athletic shoes that have good cushioning• Work boots with proper cushioning• Clogs with good arch support• Slip-on work shoes with shock-absorbing insoles• Ballet flats with a reinforced sole• Good quality dress shoes with a cushioned insole

When should I get an MRI for sciatica?

If sciatica is persistent or recurring then MRI imaging is usually recommended to help identify what is causing the pain. Your doctor may also suggest an MRI if there is any concern that the underlying cause of the sciatica may be something serious, such as a tumor, infection, or a herniated disc.

Is walking on a treadmill good for sciatica?

No, walking on a treadmill is not recommended for sciatica. Low-impact activities such as cycling or swimming may be beneficial, but it is important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

What activity makes sciatica worse?

Activities that are likely to increase pressure on the sciatic nerve, such as prolonged sitting, standing, bending, or lifting, can worsen sciatica.


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